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seems charitable but does not give money to homeless or vice versa. Do some of these seem particularly predictive or not? Disconnect between what the sociopath says and does, e.g. Also, because they're seemingly inconsequential and not directly related to the classic sociopath/antisocial traits, a sociopath would have less reason to mask them.For the average layperson, the advice for spotting a sociopath is as varied and unreliable as "evil eyes," social parasite/criminal, and (my favorite for being both too specific and overbroad) Martha's Stout's "pity play" litmus test. Sociopaths typically don't smalltalk about themselves as much as normal people do. I had hoped that there would be physical manifestations of sociopathy, but the results, while suggestive of potential promising areas of follow-up (why don't sociopaths take cold medicine? Still, from my own personal experience with sociopaths, I believe that there are some easily observable behaviors or traits that correlate relatively well with sociopathy. They will direct the conversation back to the new acquaintance as much as they can. A sociopath will reveal "personal" details about himself strategically, i.e.

One debate I would say he lost was his debate with Raymond Bradley on whether or not a loving god would send people to hell.Also, Tabash failed to respond to Craig’s responses. I managed 6 minutes of the audio version, before I was forced to turn off.I think Craig won that debate rather easily, though Tabash offered more criticisms, in terms of volume, than Craig’s opponents usually do. This was when Mr Humphreys raised the vitally important topic of Star Trek.I agree, for a theist William Lane Craig is an excellent defendant of his position. Apparently Dawkins has said on the challenge something like; ‘Im sure it would look good on his resume but not on mine’ Thats a shame im sure that would be a debate to remember.

I wonder if it is even legitimate to debate with the likes of Craig, et al.

Does not fit stereotypes for gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, or career.